Benjamin Sorrow: One for Sorrow

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Benjamin Sorrow by P.G. Challis

Benjamin is retired. Borell is drunk.

Jackson Burns, a genius scientist and an old friend of Benjamin’s, is brutally robbed of an important and powerful device. The good news is only Jackson knows the secret to the device’s operation. The bad news is he’s now being hunted for this knowledge. Benjamin leaves retirement behind and returns to the secretive Society to protect his friend and recover the stolen device.

Meanwhile, Borell, a talented thief and competent killer, is hired by a mysterious woman to find the same device. With his criminal past and immoral attitude, can he recover the device first, or have Benjamin and Borell been set on a collision course?

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New Year Catchup, Patreon and Writing!

Hey Wordplayers!

I truly hope you all had a great holiday and New Years, whatever you were doing. I took the time to spend Christmas (as I do every year) with the family, and decompress from the year a little. I'm lucky that our company closes from just before Christmas Eve and doesn't come back until the New Year, so it was a nice long break from work.

I did complete NaNoWriMo 2019, coming in at just over 50k words, and looking at the statistics from previous years I seem to have a consistent pattern of writing. Getting off to a flying start and getting ahead of the targets, then keeping ahead until about the 3rd week and then falling behind a little, with a final push at the end. I think writing solidly for 3 weeks just wipes me out, not taking weekends off etc.
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