What is a Beta Reader?

I'm still working out the details on this, but basically:

  • You will receive an advance copy of the manuscript before submitting to publishing/proofing
  • You will be able to offer suggestions about the story, characters, environment ... pretty much anything
  • You will receive some reward for your efforts (to be decided)
  • You will receive a notable mention on this website for your efforts

You must:

  • Be an avid reader, who enjoys a wide variety of genres of books
  • Be able to provide constructive criticism (not just "That's s**t, I don't like it")
  • Be willing to discuss any thoughts you provide by email (telephony scares me)

At the end of the day, I'm writing this book to be read by people like you. I want to make sure the experience excites and provides enjoyment. I don't want to bore the behind off people (although this is a distinct possibility).

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